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Frozen Conserved Food Artist ~ Chinese Code of Attention to Frozen Prepared Food As artist’s creation, it has been established in Taiwan since 1997. So far, it has been cultivating frozen condiment food market for 20 years.

From research and development, materials, production, packaging and even distribution , Each session of the Han Dynasty has almost stringent quality standards, but also continue to introduce the most advanced production technology to be improved, research and development, contributed to the continued growth and robustness of Chinese Code, Han Code and in: “enhance service, research and innovation and the pursuit of the ultimate Quality development model ”in the sustainable development of the premise of steady growth.

We also take the lead in building the most complete frozen food distribution network in Taiwan, providing our customers the fastest and most efficient service.

Handelsbauer uphold, the customer is a long-term business partners, looking forward to the establishment of cooperation between customers and suppliers to provide customers simple and delicious cuisine and actively work towards the leader in frozen food conditioning goal and look forward to working with various food chain system R & D products, the company will provide OEM production services.

Nowadays, the supply chain of Han dynasty is now distributed in Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom. The future also allows Asian cuisine to be delivered to all corners of the world
1. Major Products: Business Pathway Asia Series Frozen Prepared Food / Retail Access Frozen Prepared Food
2. Production product categories: steamed, boiled, brine, braised, roasted. (Covering Asian, Japanese, Chinese, main course, dressing, soups, etc.)