About us


Frozen Food Artist ~ Han Dian was established in 1997 and has devoted to frozen food – just like artists to their creations. From R&D, materials, production, packing to distribution, Han Dian maintains strict quality standards at every stage. We have introduced the most advanced production techniques continuously over twenty years and continue to improve in our R&D of those techniques to promote Han Dian’s sustained development and vigor. We also develop steadily under the promise of management system in accordance with “develop the mode to improve service, research, innovation and the pursuit of the best quality”.

Our company is the first to establish the most complete frozen food distribution network throughout Taiwan in order to provide the most rapid service for our customers.

We consider customers as long-term business partners and hope to build up a partnership between customers and suppliers. We provide customers instant delicacies and actively move toward the objective to become the leader of the frozen food industry. We expect to R&D commodities jointly with various catering chain systems, wholesale channels, supermarkets, and also provide OEM & ODM production service.

Han Dian now has branches in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, United Kingdom, and Europe. While continuing to provide its rapid network and logistic service in Taiwan, Han Dian is now giving our customers throughout the world the opportunity to experience the authentic taste of Asian.

Steam, Cook, Marinate, Braise, Broil, and Roast。Products which including: Asian Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Entrée, Featured Foods, Processed Sauce Series, Stock Series and etc.