June season

Now is June season!! The real summer is here! 
Which place is the must-go place to explore in the summer? Norway-kjerag comes to mind.

Standing on top of fjords’ small rock, and looking down makes anyone feel how big the nature is, and how small human is. It takes a significant efforts to climb up at the very peak of the mountain.

Just like traveling up to the Norway mountain, Han Dian started as a small stall in the popular night market. Now after 20 years, commitment and effort, it now operates and manufactures high quality food on a large scale.

Two years ago, Han Dian opened its first UK branch. It is now Han Dian UK turn to work hard and stand out in the market within Europe. We welcome anyone around the world to enrich their tastebuds with Taiwanese street foods, step by step.

For those who haven’t tried Taiwanese food yet, Han Dian is the best choice.


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