Taiwan Night Market Event

☆✿ Taiwan Night Market 夜市人生✿☆
☆ Five Taiwanese Artists exhibition & performance ☆
☆ 五位台灣藝術家展演 ☆

Taiwanese Beer, Taiwanese Sausages, Taiwanese Snacks, Taiwanese Artists, Taiwanese Photos, Taiwanese Songs...

Thanks to everyone for coming to join us!

✹✹✹ Opening Party ✹✹✹
7-10pm , 20th&21st June 2019

✹ Exhibition time ✹
9am-4pm , 21st-27th June 2019

✹ Location ✹
Do Your Own Thing Space
Rose Lipman Building
43 De Beauvoir Rd London N1 5SQ
(Overground Haggerston 7 mins walk , Underground old street 15 mins walk)

Free Entry
p.s.This is not a night market but their life!

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