Han Dian Products are sold in one of Budgen's branch (Belsize Park).

Han Dian staff has been working exceptional hard to promote ourself among the UK over the past two years.

We have now marked a big achievement that we love to share, Han Dian UK products can now be found, and sold in one of Budgen's branch (Belsize Park).

We, at Han Dian will continue to work exceptionally hard to produce delicious Taiwanese products and promote them in the UK. Thank you for all your support!

Where to buy in Budgens
Thomtons Budgens ( Belsize Park )
199 Haverstock Hill
London NW3 4QG
020 7794 0163


If you have any question or you want to ask where to buy our products, please do not hesitate to inbox our Han Dian UK 漢典食品Facebook Page.
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