1997 Han Dian Co., Ltd Established.

2003 Han You Factory Opening.

2010 Chi Li International Marketing Company Established.

2010 Lo Ching Beef Noodle Flag Store, Xiluo Taiwan, Opening.

2011 Han You Second Factory Opening.

2012 Hong Kong HONG YU Branch Established.

2014 Han Jiu Branch of Shanghai Established.

2015 Han Dian Educational Foundation Established

2016 HAN DIAN (UK) LTD Established.

2016 Lo Chin Chain Restaurants Opining in Mainland China.

2017 Set up The First Frozen Food Factory jointly with Taiwan Child-are-us NPO

2017 HAN DIAN (UK) LTD. Product Launch Press Conference, Hosted by Greg Hands, Minister of DIT and Lord Faulkner.