In the UK, France, German, Italy, Spain, and Holland, you can see Han Dian (UK) products in supermarkets.

Han Dian (UK) has been actively developing the European market recently. Han Dian not only has been established in Taiwan since 1997, but also has been a cultivating frozen condiment food market for over 20 years. Nowadays, the products from Han Dian can be seen in the UK, France, German, Spain, and Holland’s supermarkets.

Han Dain also won the top 100 stores of Taiwan's Braised Minced Pork Rice Festival in 2017, the championship of Taiwan's international Beef Noodle Festival (Eight-Nation Alliance Creative Team) in 2013, the Best Delicacy Award and the Best Popularity Award of Taipei internal Beef Noodle Festival in 2014, the 5th Outstanding Gold Award for Outstanding SMEs in 2003 and

the Taiwan Consumers' Association Award in 2002. These awards present the great effort of Han Dian to corporate life, quality, and continuous innovation.