After tasting the Han Dian's food, it’s something new.

Sous Chef:We’ve found it very simple.All we needed to do was put it into a steamer.  
Sous Chef:It’s was straight forward, everyone in the kitchen knew what they were doing.
Catering Manager:Our customers were really appreciated it.
         When I bought food joining to the bar, we couldn’t get the food out quickly enough.
Catering Manager:They were really tasty, it went in seconds.
Sous Chef:The food was amazing. The chefs loved it, our colleagues loved it.
Sous Chef:After tasting the food, it’s something new.
     It’s something I have not seen before in the market.
Sous Chef:I will give it a 9.9 point out 10

Wow!It's amazing!What’s the happened?  Let me take a look.