It’s time for foodaholic to have some special foods in June. Let’s take some Taiwanese foods!

Dragon Boat Festival is one of the three most important festivals for us not only Chinese New Year. On Dragon Boat Festival, people eat rice dumplings to enjoy the day.

Hence, we are planning a wonderf
ul foodaholic sharing schedule for you guys.


22 of June is our Taiwanese Foodie Day host by Han Dian (UK). The event aims to provide Taiwanese authentic street foods and snacks. You can eat as much as you can in the price of £10. And the place will be located in Westminster-Bridge-Road.


Moreover, the event will provide a communicative platform where everyone can share their stories in London and hang out. Whether you are a senior Londoner or a freshman who just arrived in London, you can make lots of friends during the foodie event.


Due to the limited quantities, please register as soon as possible to keep your seat. Any further information of the evert will be announced later.


One more good news for you guys, the week from 30/06 to 06/07 is National Dim Sum Week host by China Town. The following link is China town public Facebook Page where you can look for further details of the event.
It’s better to go for something rather than think about it!!!!